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Basics I: The Application (english)

Hello Beautys :)

Today I want to explain what you need for a gel polish manicure and how gel polish is applied correctly. In short time, I will post photos for the single steps.

What you need:

- Nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer
- Cleanser or 97% alcohol
- Gel polish base & top coat and at least one gel polish colour
- UV- or LED lamp

The perfect application:

1. The Preparation

In contrast to regular nail polish the preparation is very important for a long lasting gel polish manicure.
On the day of the manicure you shouldn't use a hand creme or cuticle oil.
Futhermore you should file the nails with a file to the length and form that you want and you should push the cuticle back. This can be done with a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick. But please don't use cuticle remover because this would stick onto the nail and the polish won't adhere so good.
When the nails are rather oily and uneven it is also advisable to rough up the nails a little bit with a buffer what also extends the wearability.
The last step before the base coat is the cleaning of the nail because there shouldn't be any oil or dust from the filing or buffing on the nail. For this purpose you can use a nail cleanser or at least 97% alcohol. Just give it onto a pad and go over the nails with it.

2. The base coat (with some brands not neccessary)

Then there comes the base coat. Therefore depending on the brand it can be neccessary to shake the bottle a little bit or just to roll it between the hands. After that you just paint your nails with the base coat than you would normally with regular nail polish. But here counts: the thinner the better.
It is very important to work slowly because the polish shouldn't get on the skin or cuticle. If it happens you should correct that with a orangewood stick. This prevents that the polish lifts up or peels.
You can take so much time that you need because the polish does only cure with UV or LED light and not in the air.
Futhermore you should cap the free edge on the nail tip what also makes sure that the polish holds up longer.

3. The Curing under a UV or LED lamp

Once the base coat is applied, you cure it under a UV or LED lamp. This depends on the kind of gel polish and the brand. The approximate curing time is 2 minutes in an UV lamp and 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

4. The colour

After curing you have to apply the colour. It is applied like the base coat. Thin, and no polish on the cuticle or skin. This coat will probably not be opaque and can also be a little bit streaky. But this is no problem because with gel polish a second coat is a must-have

5. The Curing

The colour coat needs to be cured like the base coat.

6. The colour part 2 + curing

Apply a second coat of colour and cure under the lamp. When the desired opacity isn't achieved, apply a third coat and cure under the lamp.

7. The top coat + curing

The last step is the top coat. This is applied like the base coat and colour coats.

8. Removal of the tacky layer

Once you are done with everything, you will notice a sticky layer on the nails. This has to be removed by cleaning the nails with a nail cleanser or 97% alcohol.

9. Done!

The nails are now done, completely dry and scratch-proof.

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